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Camille ColeyCamille Coley

As a Vice President for Government Relations at the American Museum of Natural History (AMNH), Ms. Coley is responsible for overseeing the federal grants portfolio, international relations, and institution-wide strategic planning. She is actively involved with AMNH’s education programs and the broader impacts of the Museums scientist, as her primary goal is to grow the research enterprise and expand opportunities for large proposals. She brings over 20 years of research administration experience to her role, including experience working with the Southeast National Marine Renewable Energy Center, the Center for Biomedical and Marine Biotechnology, and the Center for Biodiversity and Conservation. As a result of this background, her approach is very holistic, and she brings a high level of experience with multidisciplinary project teams.  She is also a Certified Research Administrator.

Before working at the Museum, she was the Associate Vice President for Research at Florida Atlantic University (FAU).  During her tenure at FAU, she helped the Division of Research operationalize as a unit with functions from pre-award through post-award to commercialization. She was engaged in the University community as a member of the strategic planning committee and a co-chair of a University task force on meeting community needs and unique institutional responsibilities.

Past Experience

Ms. Coley has spent the last twenty years honing her skills in research, and more specifically research development. Over the past five years, she has grown the research portfolio at the American Museum of Natural History by three-fold. She and her team have supported the development of and submitted over 60 proposals per year with an average of 25 percent of the proposals funded.  As the current Vice President for Government Relations, she frequently collaborates with the Museum’s scientists and educators in strategic, proactive, and capacity-building activities designed to attract extramural research funding. The activities of her office include initiating and nurturing partnerships between and among our scientist, external partners and funding agencies; and designing and implementing strategic services for the AMNH Research Community.

At Florida Atlantic University, Ms. Coley developed a small team of research development associates that were part-time at first, but slowly grew into a three-person full-time team, as the demand increased. Ms. Coley was also a part of the team responsible for our accreditation reevaluation. She met with all of the units in the office and evaluated the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to the Division, that led to a revamping of office operations.

NORDP Involvement

Ms. Coley has served as a presenter at past NORDP conferences and is a member of the task force that is developing recommendations on the way forward for NORDP Cert/Cred/Cont'd Education.


Ms. Coley holds a Juris Doctorate from the University of Maryland - School of Law and a Bachelor of Arts in Communication from Towson State University.