PEERD Consulting Program

Advantages of a PEERD Review

Validation and Objectivity

Institutions can take advantage of the experience and knowledge of the PEERD reviewers to provide validation for their growing research development offices. A PEERD review can also highlight shortcomings in current operations and/or strategic goal conflicts that might be overlooked internally.

Efficacy and Improvement

Institutions can utilize the peer review results to expand research development efforts, improve upon services currently offered, and increase effectiveness.

Strategic Planning

A PEERD review can assist institutions in seeing gaps in resources (faculty, facilities, services) and provide strategic planning advice on how to fill those gaps to help increase competitiveness.

Knowledge and Communication

A PEERD review can impart knowledge to faculty and administrative participants about research development and its role within an institution. The process of a PEERD review can also stimulate communication within an institution about research development and what needs and/or wants exist.

Team Approach

A PEERD review provides access to a team of experienced research development professionals with different backgrounds and knowledge, but who work collectively to provide the best recommendations to an institution. NORDP believes this team approach is more effective and more beneficial to an institution than a single consultant review.