INORMS Sister Association Reciprocal Benefit Strategy (ISARBS)

ISARBS is a new initiative that allows participating members of the INORMS community of research management associations to benefit from discounted rates on certain events, publications and other products offered by other associations in the international INORMS community. A list of participating associations - which includes NORDP - can be found here

Please note that to avoid unintended competition between INORMS member associations, agreed geographical restrictions have been put in place, with the result that some INORMS associations are unable to offer ISARBS discounts in some countries. NORDP will honor ISARBS discount requests only from INORMS association members outside North America.

NORDP Members: To learn what discounts are available to you via ISARBS please click here

Are you a member of a participating INORMS association who would like to benefit from a discount on the NORDP Annual Research Development Conference?

If you are a member of a participating INORMS association outside of North America, NORDP is happy to extend you the member rate for annual Conference registration. Please note the following:

  • Currency is listed in USD and all payments should be made via credit card in USD. Wire transfers can also arranged with prior notice. We regret we cannot accept other currencies. VAT (Value added Tax) is currently 0%. Some overseas organizations may not be required to pay VAT.
  • The US observes daylight savings time each year. Our time zone is -4 GMT (April through October) and -5 GMT (November through March)
  • Dates for the annual Conference vary, although they typically occur in late April or early May. The 2022 NORDP Conference will take place 24-28 April, 2022
  • All programs are delivered in English.
  • NORDP events are designed for research development professionals working in North America. Some content may not be relevant for those who work in overseas institutions or organizations.

To secure a voucher code, please apply below. NORDP will respond to you via email with a voucher code. You can then register for Conference online using the voucher code to secure the member discount. Remember: You need to be a current (paid up) member of one of the listed INORMS associations from outside North America to benefit from this arrangement. Checks will be carried out periodically to verify members' identity and affiliation.