Officers & Board of Directors

NORDP Officers (July 1, 2023 - June 30, 2024)

Nathan Meier, MTPC | President
First Term (2019-2021); Second Term (2021-2025); President (2022-2024)
Assistant Vice Chancellor for Research, University of Nebraska, Lincoln
Lisa Lopez, PhD | Vice President
First Term (2021-2025)
Senior Research Development Officer, California State University, Fullerton

Melinda Boehm, PhD | Secretary

First Term (2021-2024)
Director of Research Development, Northeastern University Bouvé College of Health Sciences

Antje Harnisch
First Term (2021-2025)
Assistant Vice Provost for Research, Worcester Polytechnic Institute 

Anne Maglia

Anne Maglia, PhD | Immediate Past President

First Term (2020-2024); President (2022-2023)
Vice Chancellor for Research and Innovation, University of Massachusetts, Lowell



















NORDP Board of Directors

  Amy Gantt, MS 
First Term (2023-2026)
Director of the Office of Research Development, Tufts University
  Carly Cummings, PhD 
First Term (2023-2026)
Senior Director, University of Idaho
  Susan Ferrari, PhD 
First Term (2023-2026)
Assistant Dean and Director, Grinnell College
 Eva Allen Eva Allen, PhD | Treasurer
First Term (2020-2024)
Assistant Director, Environmental Resilience Institute, Indiana University
Jennifer Glass, PhD
First Term (2021-2024) 
Research Development Officer, Eastern Michigan University
  Carolynn Julien, EdD
First Term (2021-2025)
University Executive Director, Fairleigh Dickinson University 
Rebecca Latimer, PhD
First Term (2022-2026)
Research Program Director, University of Virginia 
  Lisa Lopez, PhD
First Term (2021-2025)
Senior Research Development Officer, California State University, Fullerton
  Jessica Moon, PhD
First Term (2022-2026)
Executive Director, Stanford Aging and Ethnogeriatrics Research Center, Stanford University
  Kimberly Patten
First Term (2022-2026) Designated MSI Seat
Assistant Vice President for Research Development, University of Arizona
Samarpita Sengupta, PhD
First Term (2022-2026)
Assistant Professor and Director of Research, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
































Former Officers & Directors

  Jill Jividen, PhD (2018-2022; President 2021-2022)University of Michigan
  Kim Littlefield, PhD (2019-2023)The University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Faye Farmer Faye Farmer, MS (2019-2023)
Arizona State University 
 Joanna Downer Joanna Downer, PhD (2019-2023)
Duke University School of Medicine
Jan Abramson Jan Abramson, MS (2017-2019)
Penultimate Advantage
Jeff Agnoli Jeff Agnoli, MBA (2015-2019; Treasurer 2016-2018)
The Ohio State University
  Jeffrey M. Anderson, PhD (2010-2014; Vice President 2012-2013)
Florida Atlantic University
  John M. Carfora, EdD, CCEP (2011-2014)
John Hopkins University
Susan Carter Susan Carter, JD (2010-2013; Secretary 2010-2012)
Santa Fe Institute
Kathy Cataneo Kathryn Cataneo, MBA  (2016-2020)
University of New Hampshire
  Matthew Christian, MBA (2011-2014)
St. Louis University
Rachel Dresbeck Rachel Dresbeck, PhD (2013-2017; 2017-2021)
Oregon Health & Science University
Kellie Dyslin Kellie Dyslin, MSW (2017-2019)
Northern Illinois University
  Jennifer Eardley, PhD (2010-2011)
The Carle Foundation
Karen Eck Karen Eck, PhD (2015-2019; President 2018; Immediate Past President 2019)
Old Dominion University
Kimberly Eck, PhD (2018-2022; President 2020-2021; Immediate Past President 2021-2022)
Emory University
Holly Falk-Krzesinski Holly Falk-Krzesinski, PhD  (2010-2013; President 2010-2011; Immediate Past President 2011-2012)
Elsevier | Northwestern University
Karen Fletcher (2016-2020; President 2019-2020; Immediate Past President 2020-2021)
Appalachian State University
  Anne Geronimo, MS (2010-2011; 2014-2015)
University of Maryland, College Park
Gretchen Kiser, PhD  (2014-2018; President 2016-2017; Immediate Past President 2017-2018)
University of California, San Francisco
Jeri Hansen
Jerilyn Hansen, MS  (2017-2021; Treasurer 2019-2021)
Utah State University
Jennifer Lyon Gardner Jennifer Lyon Gardner, PhD (2017-2021; Secretary 2019-2021)
University of Texas at Austin
alicia knoedler Alicia Knoedler, PhD (2010-2012; President 2013-2014; Past President 2014-2015)
National Science Foundation
  Ionnis Konstantinidis, PhD (2015-2018)
University of Houston
jacob levin Jacob Levin, PhD (2010-2013; 2013-2017; President 2011-2012; Past President (2012-2013)
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  Ann McGuigan, PhD (2010-2015; President 2012-2013; Past President 2013-2014)
Marjorie Piechowski Marjorie Piechowski, PhD (2013-2016; Secretary 2014-2015)
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Anne Pascucci, MPA (2020-2021)
Christopher Newport University
  Jaine Place (2011-2014)
University of Michigan
Michael Preuss Michael Preuss, PhD (2020-2021)
Jacki Resnick (2010-2013)
University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill
  Charlie Senn (2014)
University of Tennessee, Knoxville
  Terri Soelberg MEd (2015-2017)
Sarah Starr (2010-2011)
David Stone David Stone, PhD (2012-2016; 2016-2020; President 2014-2015; Immediate Past President 2015-2016) 
Oakland University
  Michael Spires, MA, MS, CRA (2014-2018; Secretary 2015-2016; President 2017-2018) 
Oakland University 
Peggy Sundermeyer Peggy Sundermeyer, EdD (2010-2016; Treasurer 2012-2016)
Trinity University
Paul Tuttle
Paul Tuttle, MA, CRA (2018-2022)
Hanover Research
Barbara Walker  Barbara Walker, PhD (2010-2013; Treasurer 2010-2012)
 University of California, Santa Barbara
Kari Whittenberger Keith Kari Whittenberger-Keith, PhD (2016-2020)
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Anne Windham Anne Windham, PhD (2012-2015; Secretary 2012-2014)
Brown University
Etta Ward

Etta Ward, MA (2018-2022)
Indiana University-Purdue University, Indianapolis