Nominating Committee

NORDP’s Nominating Committee (NomCom) facilitates the annual Board of Directors nomination, application, and election processes. NomCom maintains the organization’s election procedures and promotes board applicant and election information among the membership. Among other duties, this involves issuing a call for board nominations and applications each spring, determining if nominees and applicants meet eligibility criteria, and working with an election provider to distribute the Board of Directors candidate ballot.

The committee includes eight members from across NORDP’s regions. The group receives support and guidance from up to two board liaisons. NomCom works primarily in the spring leading up to the annual meeting, communicating through email and regular video calls. Service on NomCom provides a NORDP volunteer opportunity that requires a reasonable time commitment. Committee volunteers benefit from networking, teamwork, and strategic thinking. It is also a wonderful opportunity to learn more about NORDP’s mission & vision, board service, and leadership characteristics that will move NORDP forward

If you would like to learn more about or volunteer to serve on NomCom, please send a message to [email protected].

 Committee Members for FY 2022-23

Augusta Isley, Ball State University (Chair)

Kellie Dyslin, Northern Illinois University (co-chair)

Katie Pelland,University of Nebraska, Lincoln (co-chair)

Cody Behles, University of Memphis

Melissa Li, University of Michigan

Cody Nicholls, University of Arizona

Sarah Robertson, Bryn Mawr College

Samuel Rodriguez Flecha, Washington State University


Board Liaisons:

Nathan Meier, University of Nebraska, Lincoln

Lisa Lopez, California State University, Fullerton