Member Services Committee

The Member Services Committee (MSC) manages membership benefits, and develops, recommends and implements programs for member recruitment and retention. To carry out these responsibilities, the MSC coordinates appointment and outreach activities of MSC Regional Representatives. The MSC is a main point of contact for regional groups, as they develop, and assists in their coordination with the NORDP Board. The MSC also develops and implements membership survey data instruments as necessary to ensure that statistical data and information on the membership are maintained and that NORDP has a pulse on the types of resources needed to effectively support the membership at large. Through collaboration with the other NORDP committees and working groups, the MSC helps ensure that appropriate communication and valuable information and resources are effectively delivered to all NORDP members.

If you are interested in joining Member Services, please email Sarah Messbauer.

MSC Members

  • Sarah Messbauer, University of California, Davis (Chair)
  • Brooke Gowl, George Mason University (Co-Chair)
  • Vanity Campbell, University of California (Co-Chair)
  • Sarah James, AtKission Training Group (Co-Chair)
  • Paul Tuttle, North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University (Board Liaison)
  • Daniel Campbell, Old Dominion University
  • Kathryn Cataneo, University of New Hampshire
  • Chetna Chianese, Syracuse University (Region II Co-Representative Pro Tem)
  • Maggie Berg, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • Catherine Determan, Washington University in St. Louis (Region V Representative)
  • Eric Dickey, Western Oregon University (Region VII Co-Representative)
  • Kate Duggan, Brown University (Region 1 Representative)
  • Michael Erard, Maastrich University, Netherlands
  • Elizabeth Festa, Rice University
  • Ellen Freemen, University of Minnesota (Region IV Representative)
  • Jeralyn Haraldsen, University of Vermont
  • Gretchen Kiser, University of California, San Francisco
  • Lori Kam, Santa Fe Institute
  • Katie Lindl, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
  • Kara Luckey, Seattle University (PUI Affinity Group Representative)
  • Anindita Murkherjee, Albert Einstein College of Medicine (Region II Co-Representative Pro Tem)
  • Sharon McCord, Texas A&M University
  • Heather McIntosh, University of Oklahoma, Tulsa, School of Community Medicine (Region VI Representative)
  • Mariah Meachum, Clemson University (Region III Co-Representative)
  • Brittanii Rogers, University of Texas at San Antonio (Region VI Co- Representative)
  • Barbara Sasso, University of the Pacific (Region VII Representative)
  • Samarpita Sengupta, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center (Trainee Member Needs Representative)

MSC Regional Representatives

See the NORDP Regions page to contact Regional Representatives.