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June 26, 2019 • 2-3 EDT

Understanding the NSF broader impacts criterion (with a little help from your friends at nabi/aris)

Every proposal submitted to the National Science Foundation (NSF) is evaluated on two criteria: Intellectual Merit (IM) and Broader Impacts (BI).  IM refers to the potential for the work to advance understanding in the discipline.  BI refers to the societal benefits of the proposed work, and typically involves efforts to engage underrepresented groups, the education community or the general public in their research efforts and outcomes.

 While most investigators generally feel comfortable addressing the IM in their proposal, many struggle to develop the BI sections and address the BI criteria adequately.  Since most US higher education institutions lack a dedicated BI support office, Research Development staff are often on the front lines of supporting investigators’ efforts to design BI activities and develop these sections of NSF proposals.

This webinar will provide NORDP members with more information on the NSF BI criterion, and effective ways to address it.  It will be led by several BI professionals who serve on the Steering Committee for NABI (National Alliance for Broader Impacts) and the Management and Training Teams of the recently established, NSF-funded ARIS (Advancing Research in Society) Center.  Participants will have the opportunity to ask specific questions about best practices in BI, as well as ways that NABI and ARIS can support the NORDP community’s BI efforts.

Presenters: Megan Heitmann, Iowa State University/ARIS Center,Janice McDonnell, Rutgers University/ARIS Center,Jory Weintraub, Duke University/ARIS Center




12th Annual NORDP Conference

May 16-21, 2020 • San Antonio, TX

Great Lakes Regional Meeting

October 21, 2019 • University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
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