NORDP E-List (Listserv) Guidance

Listserv Use

NORDP listservs are intended to encourage discussion, networking, and support. The national listserv has a wealth of information, thanks to the collegial sharing of our subscribers.

Receiving Messages

All received messages include the prefix “NORDP E-List...” in the subject field and arrive from “[email protected]".

Sending Messages

To post an original message to the entire listserv, send to [email protected]. OR, if you are a Member, go to and log in. From the drop down menu under My Features, select E-Lists > *NORDP Research Development, and click “Post a New Message”.

Responding to Messages

When responding to a message posted to the listserv (via Reply or Reply All), your response will be sent to ALL listserv subscribers, not only the original sender. Please observe good listserv etiquette! To respond only to the original sender or a subset of people, replace the listserv email address ([email protected]) in the "To:" field with another address(es).

Accessing Archived Messages

All listserv messages since January 2017 are archived in digest format and can be accessed by Members logged into their individual NORDP Profiles.

NORDP’s Regional Listservs

NORDP listservs are available to Members to promote regional collaboration and engagement:

  • NORDP Atlantic Region
  • NORDP Great Lakes Region
  • NORDP Midwest Mountain Region
  • NORDP NE Region
  • NORDP Pacific Region
  • NORDP SW Region
  • SE NORDP Research Development

To access regional listservs, go to and log in as a Member. From the drop down menu under My Features, select E-lists, then the regional list of choice. Toggle to “On” for “Subscribed” and “Email Delivery.”

Managing Your NORDP Messages

So that your out-of-office messages are not sent to the entire listserv, please include a key phrase such as “Out of office” or “Away from office” that the E-List server can recognize.

You can turn your subscription(s) on or off temporarily for each E-List or Email Delivery. Go to and log in as a Member. From the drop down menu under My Features, select E-lists. For each listserv to which you subscribe, you can toggle to “Off” under “Subscribed” and/or “Email Delivery.” Simply toggle back “On” when you wish to resume receiving messages and/or subscribing.

Surveying Members

If you are interested in sending a survey to the listserv, please work with the NORDP Communications Working Group. They are charged with managing surveys of NORDP’s members. The goal is to avoid survey fatigue, find potential collaborations among surveyors, and ensure the survey is otherwise appropriate. They know the surveys that are in the works, so if you have a specific question, they can help you add it to surveys that are already being planned. They can also help you find the right survey tool and targeted list. Send inquiries and draft survey text to [email protected]. 


Please contact [email protected] or 1-855-RES-DEV1 (toll free) for questions or concerns about NORDP listservs. Please do NOT send a message to the entire E-List at [email protected].