About Us


A robust, national peer network of Research Development professionals that enhances competitive multi-, inter- and transdisciplinary research.  


Research Development professionals support the efforts of faculty to secure extramural research funding and initiate and nurture critical partnerships throughout the institutional research enterprise, among institutions, and with external stakeholders.  With the goal of enabling competitive individual and team research and facilitating research excellence, the National Organization of Research Development Professionals will develop and share best practices for attracting and managing research funding, and facilitate building and implementing collaborative services and resources that span across disciplines, and cross administrative boundaries within organizations and beyond, in order to foster multi- and interdisciplinary research excellence.  

History and Overview

NORDP was established in 2010 as part of a grassroots movement to build a community of Research Development professionals driven to enhance the research enterprise at their institutions. The organization grew from an informal network of individuals engaged in research development activities at universities and research institutions across the United States and is now more than 800 members strong, representing a diverse set of institutions and sectors, and including RD professionals from multiple countries from around the globe. 

The central goals of NORDP are to serve research development professionals and their institutions by providing a formal organization to: support professional development, enhance institutional research competitiveness, and catalyze new research and institutional collaborations.  NORDP members pursue effective practices and best approaches to support the efforts of researchers to develop strategic research activities in response to the extramural funding landscape, catalyze new collaborations and partnerships, and inform funding agencies about exciting ongoing and emerging research efforts at their institutions.

Extramural research funding has become increasingly competitive and difficult to obtain over the last decade.  Institutional research development resources leveraged to gain access to the formative stages of new funding program development, connect investigators and develop strategic alliances, and provide targeted notification of funding opportunities, are critical to institutions’ success in this highly competitive environment.