2022 Leadership Award

Kathy Partlow, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Kathy joined the Mentoring Working Group in 2015 – her wisdom and insight was crucial in the transition of the working group to a NORDP Committee in 2016. Kathy has continued to serve on the Mentoring Committee and is currently the co-chair of the committee. She empowers others to achieve and is intent on recognizing their accomplishments. Through Kathy’s insights and servant leadership, we have exponentially increased our ability to encourage NORDP member involvement on the committee, leverage committee members’ strengths, provide services, support and resources to NORDP Members, and continue to move the work of the Mentoring Committee forward to support NORDP’s mission and vision. 

Kathy demonstrates leadership through her initiative and scholarship and was instrumental in bringing the work NORDP does in mentorship into the national conversation. For example, she spearheaded analysis of 3 years’ worth of mentoring survey data and was lead author and presenter of these results at the 2019 University of New Mexico. She was also the lead author on another publication that was presented at the 2021 University of New Mexico Mentoring Conference.

Sir John Frederick William Herschel said stars are the landmarks of the universe. Kathy Partlow is a shining landmark as a leader in research development. Through her consistent pattern of servant leadership within NORDP, she reflects the beauty of a constellation among all the stars.