14th Annual NORDP Research Development Conference
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Concurrent Sessions 7 | Wednesday, April 27 | 11:00 - 12:00 pm ET 

Discussion of "Other transactions"
Presenters: Mike Helms, Stanford University School of Medicine; Linda Ko, University of Washington; Melissa Vaught, University of Washington; Alysia vandenBerg, University of Washington

Other transactions (OTs or OTAs) are unique funding mechanisms that provide Federal agencies significant flexibility to respond to emerging or evolving challenges, with each OT being unique in its own way. This dynamic discussion will help RD professionals gain knowledge of OTs and be better prepared to apply for them. The panelists have recent and successful experience with OTs, which they will share along with suggestions for best practices. Input from the audience and lively discussion will be encouraged. (Intermediate)

NSF CAREER Mock Review Panels: Strategies for Success
Presenters: Elizabeth Festa, Rice University; Jessica Venable, Thorn Run Partners; Beth Hodges, Florida State University; Missy Jenkins, Texas Tech University

NSF CAREER award workshops are a common offering in RD offices. While most workshop structures emphasize peer review, recent research argues for the relevance of the mock review in exposing PIs to the perceptions and negotiations that take place among the more established researchers who will evaluate their work. In this presentation, our speakers will share strategies for recruiting and incentivizing faculty reviewers; integrating mock reviews into existing workshop curricula and activities; identifying resources for familiarizing early career faculty with the dynamics of proposal review panels; and evaluating the efficacy of these activities. (Advanced)

Building a Framework for Making JEDI Principles Integral to Internal Grant Programs
Presenters: Maria Napoli, University of California, Santa Barbara; John Crockett, San Diego State University; Kim Patten, University of Arizona; Nathan Meier, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Internal funding programs aim to seed new and promising ideas and provide opportunities for scholarly exploration. Research Development can play a key role in ensuring that Justice-Equity-Diversity-Inclusion principles become an integral part of the design and implementation of these programs. (Intermediate) 

Presenters: Kevin Boettcher, Binghamton University; Carolyn Bradley, Florida State University; Susan Ferrari, Grinnell College

Faculty in the creative arts, social sciences, and humanities (CASSH) just don’t seem that interested in applying for external funding. This discussion takes up a simple, pragmatic question: How have you managed to persuade reluctant CASSH faculty to pursue external funding? Participants will be asked to share examples of where they were able to successfully court a particular faculty member, department, or research team. In doing so, we hope to generate an informal inventory of the approaches, strategies, practices, and orientations that RD professionals can use to move the needle with a particularly challenging sector of the populations we serve. (Intermediate)

Presenter: Erwin Gianchandani, NSF