14th Annual NORDP Research Development Conference
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Concurrent Sessions 10 | Thursday, April 28 | 12:30 - 1:30 pm ET

Celebrating the NORDP/ARIS MOU: Leveraging Expertise between Research Development and Societal Impact Professionals
Presenters: Tisha Gilreath Mullen, University of Nebraska-Lincoln; Kim Patten, University of Arizona

This session will build community and excitement around a new NORDP/ARIS Fellowship to support collaborations that create products of relevance to both organizations. An open discussion will create an informal setting for NORDP members to learn about the Fellowship, including the unveiling of the call’s priority areas. In addition, organizers will highlight NORDP colleagues currently working with ARIS to accomplish goals of cross-organizational importance and provide opportunities for attendees to interact and brainstorm around potential fellowship ideas. This program builds on several other research development/societal impact-focused activities at this year’s conference, and in so doing, will amplify networking and community building. (RD Fundamentals)

Presenters: Michael Spires, Oakland University; Andrea Buford, Oakland University

This session invites experienced RD professionals to reason with us as we work out how the RD services we provide to faculty can (and should) grow and change over time – not just as the field develops and new models and practices arise, but also in response to the changing needs of the investigators we support. We hope to start discussions here that could expand into a NORDP Circle or working group, and possibly to a workshop for a future conference. (Advanced)

Presenters: Alison DeVries, Chapman University; Kara Luckey, Seattle University; Heather McIntosh, University of Oklahoma School of Community Medicine; Sarah Workman, Syracuse University

During this session, members of leadership teams for NORDP’s three affinity groups - Affiliated Medical Centers (AMC), Predominantly Undergraduate Institutions (PUI NORDP), and Creative Arts, Social Sciences, and Humanities (CASSH) - will provide insights into what we do, how we support and extend NORDP’s mission, and how you can get involved. There will be plenty of time for Q&A as well. Participants who attend this session will leave with a better understanding of the thematic affinity groups and the important role they play in NORDP, and be energized to join us!  (RD Fundamentals)

Presenters: Dominique Michaud, CARA; Norifumi (Nori) Miyokawa, RMAN-J; Therina Therom, SARIMA; Karen Eck, Old Dominion University; Kim Patten, University of Arizona

NORDP officially joined the INORMS community in July 2020. The International Network of Research Management Societies (INORMS) brings together research management societies and associations from across the globe. Its purpose is to enable interactions, share good practice, and coordinate activities between the member societies for the benefit of their individual membership. The next biennial INORMS Congress will take place in Durban, South African (May 2023) and then in Madrid, Spain (May 2025). INORMS hosts quarterly meetings of the INORMS Council as well as working groups addressing issues of interest to the worldwide research management community, including the Research Evaluation Working Group, the Research Administration as a Profession (RAAAP) international survey and the Research Impact and Stakeholder Engagement (RISE) Working Group. Please join us and an international panel of INORMS leaders to discuss opportunities and challenges for research collaboration, professional development and problem solving in the academic research ecosystem both close to home and across borders.