11th Annual NORDP Research Development Conference

Concurrent Session 5 
Wednesday, May 1, 2019 • 9:30am –10:30am

Where to Find Effective Grant Editorial Services


Presenters: Camille Coley, American Museum of Natural History; Mindali Dean, Texas Tech University; Gina Betcher, East Carolina University; Barbara Wygant, Van Andel Research Institute

Anyone can write a proposal without an editor.  Some people will even submit proposals without any editorial assistance. What never changes, however, is that good editing matters in successful grant writing.   This presentation offers insights and tools that can apply to any institution to help build capacity and strengthen editorial services:

  • Identification of the different types and levels of editorial services the RD professional can coordinate;
  • Proven practices on how to clearly communicate what editorial services are available to PI’s; tips for building a high-quality editorial service resource pool and managing the process; and
  • Introduction of a useful editorial checklist tool.
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The Role of RD in Knowledge Mobilization and Technology Commercialization


Presenters: David Stone, Oakland University; Kathy Cataneo, University of New Hampshire; Brian Ten Eyck, University of Arizona; Maria Emanuel, University of New Hampshire

This panel brings together thought leaders and research development experts in the areas of knowledge mobilization and technology commercialization. Examples are provided of research development professionals working successfully across a range of knowledge mobilization and technology commercialization efforts at three different types of institution: large research 1,  mid-sized research 1, and a smaller regional university. 

Building the RD Professional's Toolbox and Skills for Developing Project Evaluation Plans for Grant Proposals


Presenters: Katie Allen, Kansas State University, Office of Educational Innovation and Evaluation; Morgan Wills, Kansas State University, Office of Educational Innovation and Evaluation; Makenzie Ruder, Kansas State University, Office of Educational Innovation and Evaluation

This presentation highlights the role of project evaluation as a fundamental component of proposal development. Topics cover an overview of terms, theories and practices utilized in the field of evaluation to build a foundation for developing and writing competitive project evaluation plans for grant proposals. Information may also be useful for building the capacity of early career researchers to plan for project evaluation. The session will include examples of funder expectations, tips and resources for writing a compelling plan for a proposal. The presentation advances the field of Research Development through increased knowledge and ability to plan for project evaluation.

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One Size Fits All? Using an Academy Model to Build Grantseeking


Presenters: Sarah Ott, Hanover Research; Rosemary Dillon, Temple University 

How do you meet the needs of principal investigators who are struggling to secure or keep their funding when your office does not have the capacity for a one-to-one approach? Several RD offices are meeting this need through grants academies. This session will provide evidence-based strategies and best practices which have proven successful at small and large institutions and at institutions with high and low research activity. We will discuss participant selection, departmental and investigator buy-in, efficient and effective academy programming, and investigator development plans. Participants will leave with enough information to implement these strategies at their respective institutions. 

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Strategies for Increasing Research Success at a PUI


Presenters: Tracy Eisenhower, IUP Research Institute; Hilliary Creely, Indiana University of Pennsylvania; Sara Myers, University of Nebraska at Omaha

The presenters from two different PUIs will provide information on current initiatives meant to encourage and support research activity at their home institutions. Both universities have unionized faculty and strong research portfolios. The trio will share successful strategies including a nonprofit entity serving as the “office of sponsored research”, a PI mentorship academy, research-release time, and a variety of internal competitions meant to stimulate and recognize externally-funded research. The presenters will share how and why the initiatives were developed and implemented and address the challenges faced.

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Translating Dreams into Dollars: Connecting Research Development to Pre-Award


Presenters: Sarah Jaeschke, Clemson University; Betsy Foushee, Tidewater Community College

Research development professionals often nurture and cultivate the best ideas from PIs and other researchers. Pre-award professionals focus on compliance and submitting proper documents in a timely manner. While the heart of a proposal is a great idea, awards are made in dollars. In this presentation, two individuals who have worked both in research development and pre-award offices present a model for research development professionals to use to provide accurate budgeting information to the pre-award team.

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Roundtable Discussions


Let's Talk About Mentoring: Three Discussions

  • Peer Mentoring - Christina Howard Texas A&M University
  • Transitioning from Mentee to Mentor - Angela Jordan, University of South Alabama
  • The Value of Diversity and Inclusion in Mentoring - Etta Ward, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis

Round Table


Improving NORDP Member Resources

Facilitator: Jill Jividen, University of Michigan

NORDP strives to provide quality resources to a membership diverse in its activities and experience. A Member Resources working group is currently undertaking an inventory and overhaul of resources available on the NORDP.org website. Join this discussion to share what resources have been most valuable to you as an RD professional and what resources you’d like to see developed for members, at any career level.