NORDP 2018 Annual Research Development Conference

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Understanding the Name of the Game: Inside an National Science Foundation (NSF) Panel Review ($160)

(4 hours)

RD professionals work closely with faculty members and research teams to craft grant proposals aligned with NSF program solicitations. After pouring over the solicitation and ensuring the proposal is structured around it, the proposal is submitted to the NSF. But what happens on the other side of the electronic wall?

RD professionals who fully understand what happens after submission are in a better position to work with and educate faculty to increase their resilience in a shifting research landscape. Through multiple perspectives, attendees will gain a deeper understanding of the peer review process and reading proposals from a reviewer’s perspective. This will strengthen the alignment of grant writing to sponsors’ interests, and offer approaches to evaluate technical and non-technical grant components. This hands-on workshop will include a mock review panel.


  • Marc Rigas, Pennsylvania State University
  • Elizabeth Seidle, Pennsylvania State University
  • Jennifer Weston, AAAS Fellow at the National Science Foundation