NORDP 2018 Annual Research Development Conference

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Strengthening Capacity for Diverse Research Teams through Research Development ($240)

(6 hours)

This workshop will educate participants about the interactions among diversity, research teaming, and outcomes for innovation and productivity at institutions of higher education, and provide tools participants can use to encourage greater team diversity.

Part One is devoted to educating participants about the importance and promise of diverse research teams through three specific components:

  1. Diversity and collective intelligence.
  2. Inclusive excellence and broadening participation.
  3. Institutional transformation.

Part Two is devoted to creating institutional logic models and individualized plans that participants can develop to introduce and/or implement programs, practices, and institutional change at their campuses, with the goal of increasing innovation and productivity through diversity on research teams.


  • Barbara Walker, University of California Santa Barbara
  • John Crockett, San Diego State University
  • Kyle Lewis, University of California Santa Barbara
  • Beth Mitchneck, University of Massachusetts Lowell
  • Roland Owens, National Institutes of Health
  • Susan Carter, University of California Merced