NORDP 2018 Annual Research Development Conference

Volunteering & Networking

Networking Dinners

Join a networking dinner at a local restaurant. Each guest pays his/her own bill. NORDP will provide you with a list of local restaurants and transportation options..

Join a Networking Dinner: May 7 or May 8.


Morning Walk, Run, or Bike Ride Group

Volunteer to lead a group on a walk or run on one of the jogging trails surrounding the hotel. Leaders will determine the path, the start time, whether the group will walk or run, the number of participants, and the end time.

Join a morning run, walk or bike group.

Lead a morning run, walk or bike group.


Registration Desk

Gain conference administration experience and meet new people by greeting conference attendees, passing out registration materials/badges, etc. Registration assistants will not handle cash transactions.

Sign up to help at the registration desk


Session Scribe/Host

Volunteer to assist the presenters during concurrent sessions. As a host, you will check with the presenters to see if assistance is needed with the room, audio/video, etc., and seek conference personnel for support if needed.

As a session scribe, you will record a summary of the session that includes key take-away ideas (NORDP will provide a template and further instructions.) Information on the sessions can be found within the conference program.

Gain conference administration experience and assist with making sure everything is in place for the presenter(s) of a session. After the session, volunteers will submit overview/highlights from the concurrent session to share with the membership.

Volunteer as a Scribe during a conference session on May 8 or May 9.


Social Media Coverage

You are always welcome (and encouraged!) to live tweet and/or draft a blog post during keynote addresses and other major conference happenings. Consider tweeting at least twice during the session from your personal Twitter account using the #NORDP2018 hashtag.

Sign up to be a social media volunteer.