E-List (Listserv) Instructions

Trial Subscription

NORDP is pleased to offer Research Development professionals a free 1-month subscription to the NORDP Research Development listserv. Submit your trial subscription application by clicking HERE.  Your subscription will be activated within 1 business day and you will receive notification via email.

NORDP Research Development Listservs

Our listservs are set up to encourage discussion, networking, and support.  All messages automatically include the prefix “NORDP ...” in the Subject field and arrive from “NORDP..."@norp.memberclicks.net"

By default (and design!), when you hit Reply or Reply All to a message posted to the entire E-List, your response gets sent back to the entire listserv. If you wish to respond only to the original sender or a subset of people replace the default email address, e.g.,  RES_DEV@nordp.memberclicks.net in the "To:" field with another address(es). 

There are two ways to post messages to listserv subscribers.  When responding to a message (via Reply or Reply All) posted to the E-List, your response will be sent out to ALL E-List subscribers and not only the original sender.  Good listserv etiquette applies!

  1. To post a message to the entire E-List, send an email message to: RES_DEV@nordp.memberclicks.net.
  2. You can also post messages to the entire E-List right from the NORDP Member Center.
    i.    Go to http://nordp.org, click on Member Center and login.
    ii.    Go to Member Center > My Features > select E-Lists > NORDP Research Development
    v.    Click “Post a New Message

E-Lists have also been established to promote regional collaboration and engagement at the national level:

  • NORDP NE Region
  • NORDP SW Region (AZ, NM, OK, TX)
  • NORDP Great Lakes Region (Domestic: IL, IN, MI, MN, OH, WI and Manitoba, Canada)
  1. Go to http://nordp.org, click on Member Center and login.
  2. Click onMy Features and select E-lists.
  3. Turn your subscription on or off for each E-List or Email Delivery.

The NORDP E-List (listserv) is a source of *amazing* information thanks to the collegial sharing of our members.  All listserv messages since January 2017 are archived in digest format and can be accessed by Members logged into his/her profiles:

  1. Go to http://nordp.org, click on Member Center and login.
  2. Click on the My Features and select E-lists.
  3. Click on the E-list name.
  4. Read and reply to previously posted message strings at your convenience!

Managing Your NORDP E-List Messages

So that your out-of-office messages don’t get sent to the entire listserv, please be sure that your out-of office message has some key phrase like “Out of office,” “Away from office,” so that the E-List server can recognize. 


E-List Contact Information

For questions or concerns about this E-List, please contact membership@nordp.org or 1-855-RES-DEV1 (Toll Free, 1-855-737-3381; do *NOT* send a message to the entire E-List at RES_DEV@nordp.memberclicks.net).