NORDP 2018 Annual Research Development Conference

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Taking the Research Development Professional to the Next Level through Effective Mentoring ($160)

(4 hours)

One proven strategy to support RD professionals seeking to advance the research enterprise is through effective informal and formal mentoring relationships. As professionals, we benefit from being mentees and mentors, and are often called upon to develop mentoring programs and support mentoring relationships. The information and resources shared in this workshop can easily become a part of your on-campus toolbox.

The session will scaffold knowledge and content by framing the mentoring relationship and working individually and collaboratively to assess mentoring needs, identify the ideal characteristics of effective mentors and mentees, begin developing personal mentor mosaics, and discuss ways to establish and maintain mentoring relationships. Woven throughout is the important role diversity plays in the mentoring experience.

Supporting the NORPD Mentoring Program philosophy that the mentee drives the relationship, content and activities will be delivered from a mentee perspective. Workshop participants will be introduced to a common foundation, philosophy and key components of effective mentoring. The three distinct objectives for this workshop are: 1) Understanding Effective Mentorship, 2) Understanding Where to Find and How to Use Effective Tools and Strategies, and 3) Assessing Mentoring Needs and Beginning to Develop Strategies to Maintain the Mentoring Relationship. You will be provided with a set of materials that you can adapt for personal use, and/or use at your institution.


  • Jan Abramson, University of Utah
  • Etta Ward, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis