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We are here to help you navigate the turbulent waters of research funding, development, and advocacy. Our organization helps you build your institutional culture to support research—whether that is improving grantsmanship skills, fostering collaborations, managing large multidisciplinary research projects, connecting researchers with one another, or helping to mobilize discovery and knowledge into the world. Our role is to provide research development professionals and their allies, both seasoned and brand new, with the tools for practice and the intellectual substrate for transforming how we think about our contributions to the research enterprise. We are pleased to welcome you to NORDP, a professional organization specifically created to meet your interests and needs!

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Gretchen Kiser, Ph.D., NORDP President
Director, Research Development Office | University of California, San Francisco

In Support of Research Advocacy

From Gretchen Kiser, NORDP President: NORDP believes that a strong research enterprise is essential for the nation’s economy and the world’s innovation. We believe that it is in the national interest to support research in the sciences, arts, and humanities… Read the complete statement on the NORDP Blog.

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Strategic Alliances Travel Awards

The Strategic Alliances Committee is pleased to offer travel awards available for members to represent NORDP at relevant scholarly and professional meetings.

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